About Us

Buni Media is a multimedia organization involved in the development, production, and distribution of video, audio, animation, digital and print publication content; in the organization and curation of events; and in training and capacity building.

Through various projects, we are expanding the space for Freedom for Expression, influencing opinions and inspiring action about social and political issues, transforming civic education, and contributing to the growth of the creative ecosystem in East Africa.


Buni Media envisions a society in which everyone can express themselves freely without suffering adverse repercussions for dissenting or alternative opinions, and everyone can readily access all information and documents related to the management of public affairs.

Our work:

  • Informs citizens about these rights.
  • Calls on Government to protect and uphold these rights.
  • Deliberately includes provocative content intended to expand the space for discussions around contentious social and political matters.


Buni Media encourages the active involvement of citizens in civic processes.

Our work:

  • Informs citizens about why it’s important to participate in Governance and civic processes.
  • Outlines ways in which they can participate in Governance.
  • Encourages them to take steps to participate in Governance.


Buni Media contributes to the growth of the creative sector on different levels:

  • We train creatives and content producers in technical skills like camerawork, puppet making, editing, etc.
  • We support creatives to develop content that addresses social and political issues.
  • We pursue innovative distribution channels for multimedia content.


Buni Media envisions a society in which everyone plays their role to achieve positive progress, and faces warranted consequences in case of failure or wrongdoing e.g. prosecution by law or dismissal from duty.

Our work:

  • Criticizes lack of integrity in social, economic and political matters, whether by individuals, groups or institutions.
  • Informs citizens and government officials about their roles and responsibilities.