We use the power of storytelling, media, and creative expression to fight for an open and accountable society, participatory governance, Freedom of Expression, and to grow the creative ecosystem.
Africa Satire Festival
The Africa Satire Festival is a celebration and exploration of satire and satirical works from East Africa and around the world. Through a series of events, including exhibitions of satirical work, symposia and workshops, panel discussions, live televised debate, music, and stand-up comedy/satire, the Festival aims to explore relevant and timely themes, and to engage members of the public around fundamental questions affecting the global community.
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Katiba (the Swahili word for ‘Constitution’) is a project aimed at making the constitution of Kenya accessible for the majority of Kenyans in an easy-to-read graphic format by producing a book, The Constitution of Kenya in Graphic Form. Currently, Buni Media is working on chapters 1, 2, 4, 6 &11 of the Constitution and is working towards raising funds for the rest of the chapters.
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XYZ Show
The XYZ Show is a political satire puppet series aimed at stimulating political awareness among Kenyans, promoting democracy and good governance, and encouraging dialogue over conflict while activating citizen participation, all through humor and satire
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Content Workshop
A capacity building program which links content creators with experts, commentators and thinkers in different fields, aimed at enhancing the socio-political impact, relatability, and quality of content produced in the Kenyan media industry.
Media Publishing
A branch under Buni Media that has so far released five publications: It’s a Madd Madd World, by Paul “Maddo” Kelemba; Crisis?…What Crisis?! by Godfrey ‘Gado’ Mwampembwa; Freedom vs. Security anthology; Speaking Truth to Power anthology; Freedom After Speech anthology.
Ogas at the Top
Ogas at The Top is a satirical puppet show that was developed by Buni Media and aired in Nigeria. It took an unflinching and hilarious look at Nigeria’s political elite and the other Ogas who were ruling contemporary Naija society
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Africanism 101
A documentary series on major East African socio-political issues. The series was produced by Odios Creations between 2012 and 2013, with Buni Media as Executive Producer. Four episodes were released and broadcast to a national audience on NTV-Kenya in the run-up to the 2013 general elections.

‘Buni’ Means Innovation

Buni Media was founded in Kenya in 2009 and is registered as a company limited by guarantee. From inception, Buni Media set out to pioneer the use of creative media as a tool for awakening public

Our Work

Buni Media’s mission is to sustainably produce intellectually engaging, entertaining and high quality content that deeply connects with audiences. Our work is focused on four thematic areas: Promoting Freedom of Expression & open society; Fostering Participatory governance; Building an Accountable Society; and Contributing to the Creative ecosystem.

Africa Satire Festival: A celebration and exploration of satire and satirical works from East Africa and around the world, and a platform for the recognition of satire as an impactful avenue for social and political change.

Katiba: The Constitution of Kenya, presented as a comic book. https://thekatiba.co.ke/

Our Services

Video Production: A skilled and experienced production crew creates world-class quality content for film, TV, and digital platforms.

Video Production Studios (Rental): Buni Media’s studios include a well-equipped set with a green screen, and a post-production suite for editing and animation.

Buni Media Team

Board of Directors

Buni Media is governed by a 7-member Board of Directors whose responsibility is to offer overall strategic guidance, and to formulate policies, procedures and strategies.
The Board consists of:

Godfrey ‘Gado’ Mwampembwa: CEO & Executive Chairman
Patrick Kuria: Financial Director
Marie Lora: Co-Founder & Director
Paul Kelemba: Director
Joy Mboya: Director
Stephen Gichohi: Director
Julian Macharia: Director
Buni Media Team

Heads Of Departments

The Heads of Department are in charge of every facet of Buni Media’s production process. HODs are team leaders who coordinate the activities of the entire crew, while offering creative direction on Buni Media’s projects.
Buni Media Team

Capacity Team

The Buni Media Capacity Team steers the organization’s activities towards the implementation of the strategic plan, and is involved in fundraising, planning, reporting, and accounting for various projects.
Buni Media Team


Buni Media producers are responsible for the overall coordination of various productions, managing not only the artistic vision of each project, but also the logistical aspects of on-set activities.
Buni Media Team


A uniquely skilled and experienced team of puppeteers brings Buni Media puppets to life. The puppeteers have amassed decades of experience working with different types of puppets in a variety of projects around the world.
Buni Media Team

Production Crew

Buni Media’s production crew is a group of highly skilled and dedicated individuals who are involved in the implementation of a wide variety of projects at Buni Media. Pooling decades of experience, the crew holds exceptional capacity in the production of puppet shows, animation, music videos, film and TV series in various genres, commercials, and documentaries.