BuniStudios produce innovative film and television projects that aim to entertain and inspire, such as The XYZ Show, Africa’s first ever puppet political satire.

Buni Media’s film studio space is fully operational and equipped with built-in sets and green screens. Recent projects, as well as The XYZ Show, are being filmed on the Canon 5D Mark II.

Buni Media’s film crew is comprised of talented professionals with a collective local and international experience that spans feature films, documentaries, television shows, commercials and music videos.



BuniVisualFX is the design, animation and post-production studio responsible for the visual identity, green screen compositing, animation and editing of all Buni Media’s projects. It also takes on commercial commissions.

BuniVisualFX employs and partners with the best of Kenya’s dynamic animation community.



The artists of BuniWorkshop are the only ones in Sub-Saharan Africa (outside South-Africa) to be trained to work with foam latex, a very delicate material. They are responsible for the fabrication of The XYZ Show’s famous latex puppets, and have the capacity to produce any style of puppets as well as props and latex special effects elements for the film industry.

The Workshop is equipped with a cold room and custom-made kiln.



BuniPublishing produces and distributes thought-provoking print products.

Its first two projects (in development) are “Crisis!…What Crisis?”, a collection of Gado’s editorial cartoons, and “It’s a Madd Madd World”, which samples the best of Madd’s long-lasting column in The Standard.



Buni Media offers on-site custom training in all its areas of expertise, including puppet-making, animation, satirical writing, and show production. Although we recommend one-month training periods, we will adapt to the client’s specifications.

Since its inception, Buni Media has also been running a successful intern program which welcomes between 5 and 10 students or young professionals every year in every department. The best of the best often end up being integrated in our teams.

Buni Media’s expertise on team building, project management, media production, political satire, and press freedom in Africa is also regularly sought-after by companies, NGOs and various organizations. Buni Media executives and managers are available for consulting or public speaking assignments.