THE XYZ SHOW is Africa’s first ever puppet political satire. Launched in 2009, this groundbreaking program has now been running for more than 100 episodes and is followed by 10 million viewers on television in Kenya and throughout the continent (on DSTV), on 12 radio stations across Kenya, and online on various distribution platforms, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and on its official website

Every week XYZ’s cast of latex characters challenges the local and international politico-social elite with wit and gusto, and nothing is off-limits. Inspired by the French “Guignols de l’Info” and the British “Spitting Image”, THE XYZ SHOW can also be described as “The Daily Show” with latex puppets (and without John Stewart).

Winner of the 2013 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards for Best TV Series, THE XYZ SHOW was featured on CNN, the BBC, Variety Magazine, Reuters, AP, AFP, VOA, RFI, The Guardian, The Observer, MNET, and many other news outlets worldwide.

“The buzz surrounding the premiere of “XYZ” is huge”
Agence France-Presse

“The stars of Kenya’s new smash hit TV show are puppets – but it’s the nation’s politicians who are providing the punch lines”
The Associated Press

“The show seems to have struck a chord”
Variety Magazine

“The XYZ Show has won the admiration of viewers”