“Buni” = “Innovation” in Swahili

Buni Media is a producer of innovative African multimedia content.

We believe that a powerful story well told can make a difference in how one sees the world. In particular, we believe in the power of narrative storytelling, entertainment and humor to inspire and accelerate change by connecting with audiences on a deeper and more intimate level than other means of transmitting information (such as journalism) can.

Whether it is television, film, documentary, animation or any other form of media, Buni Media exists to tell compelling, entertaining stories that also create awareness on the major issues that shape modern Africa, and engage audiences inside and outside the continent to reconsider deeply ingrained behaviors.

Buni Media’s uniqueness is its ability to create a strong bond with its audiences, because it seeks to entertain them first, before inviting them to participate in making a difference.

Our main test case is The XYZ Show, which uses puppetry and witty satire to engage its viewers on issues of corruption, governance and democracy and which after 5 years now reaches a monthly audience of 10 million loyal fans in Kenya and abroad. One of the show’s clearest achievements, as highlighted by an independent study, has been to bring Kenyan politicians down from their cultural pedestal as “elders” and turn them into recipients of legitimate criticism.

From The XYZ Show, Buni Media has expanded to produce various other projects, always pursuing its mission to create entertainment that challenges the socio-political status quo in Africa, redefines Africa’s image to the world, and firmly establishes Africa within the global media landscape.